7 Ways to Make a Successful Kickstarter For Comics

Kickstarter for comics comic construct

  1. Promote Your Comic to your Network

    Reach out to whatever fanbase you already have, and make sure they know your Kickstarter is coming! Friends, family, and coworkers are all a great resource that you should tap for to promote the kickstarter for your comic. Kickstarter for comics are a tough sell, and many fail everyday.
    You need to make sure that your social media base is also on board for your Kickstarter. Remember though, it’s not all about donations to the project. That is an important part, definitely, but you need to make sure that people share the campaign, as well! How do you make sure that this happens? Simply ask your followers to share and make sure you can have a dedicated presence throughout the campaign. Recently Comic Construct was tapped by an individual to build their website at the conclusion of their campaign. The way that we secured their business was to help promote and share the brand on Twitter!
    It was a simple exchange on social media that lead to Comic Construct getting more business, but you can take that concept and apply it to the kickstarter for your comic. When people are excited about your project, they’re more likely to donate!

  2. Guest Blog Spots Within the Comic Community

    Make sure you sign up for the Comic Construct Guest Blogging network. In the last month, we have head from over 30 different comic creators that way to expand their brand. Your comic needs a guest blogging feature if its going to survive on the web, but you also need that exposure if you want to have a successful Kickstarter for your comic! The more donations you get, the higher you’ll place in Kickstarter’s algorithm.
    You need to make sure that you’re promoting your comic though and not just the Kickstarter for it. That can be a tricky line to walk. Include anything you can thing of about the experience you’ve had while making the comic and everything leading up to the campaign. Another note: this content should be 100% original. If you include duplicate content on another person’s blog, that can negatively affect their SEO. That means the next time you want to use their network to promote yourself — they may not be as willing to help!

  3. Get Supporters Lined Up

    Kickstarter for comics 101 right here: make sure you have heavy donors in your corner. Line up as many as you can before you even launch the campaign! This is so incredibly important for the health of your campaign that it’s not even fair. The most important factor in Kickstarter’s ranking algorithm is heat! The closer to the campaign beginning the better, make sure these big ticket donors contribute right away because you need the freshness factor on your side.
    These simple steps will make sure that your comic ranks higher from the outset on Comics page. Being on the front Otherwise, all of those long hours your dedicated to your project may have been in vain.

  4. Contribute Everyday to Your Kickstarter For Comics

    Very easy peasy. Just provide updates to the community. Much like Stan Lee’s mandate that every comic should be written as if it’s someone’s first comic, you want to make sure that you make a positive first impression to whomever finds your campaign page. This means that the content needs to be as fresh as possible. Think about it:
    If you stumbled across a page for a comic and there have not been any updates for an entire month, are you going to be willing to donate? No — you’ll think the project is dead. Even worse, this effect can be insidious. It might stop someone from checking out all the updates you’ve make on your comic’s home page and social media. That’s a three-pronged loss. Make sure that you or someone from your comic team can make daily updates — even if it’s just to say Hello! That’s how Kickstarter for comics is done.

  5. Have Smart Rewards for Your Comicbook Kickstarter

    Do a thorough cost-of-goods writeup of your comic to ensure that your comic’s Kickstarter goal and pledges will be able to cover your manufacturing, freight, warehousing, shipping, and numerous general expenses that can be easily overlooked before they are incurred. You also want to make sure that include stretch goals in the event that the kickstarter for your comic is overfunded.
    You’ll be incentivizing people to give more after your goal has been reached if they know what you plan on doing with the extra money. Make sure that you devote some part of your budget to marketing!

  6. Thank Your Backers

    On Kickstarter, social media, and your comic’s website — thank your backers. It’s good business and it helps build a better community for your comic. You want people to know how kind, thoughtful, and awesome you are because it makes investing in your project that much easier!

  7. Kickstarter Analytics

    If you see a lot of sales coming from a blog or your campaign’s Facebook account, focus on promoting those and figure out why they are successful and apply them to other channels. Also, don’t be shy about asking other people to review your data. They may be able to draw conclusions that you are missing.

    Remember, just like selling a product or promoting an article, all good things come with volume. The more people that you reach out to, the more people you talk with, and the more places you leave your footprint through forums, comments, and social media networks, the more channels you will leave for people to discover your project.

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