Advertise Your Comic Online For Free

When is it worth your money your advertise your comic?

How to Advertise Your Comic for Free

  1. Advertise Your Comic on Social Media

    This one is a surprising no brainer, right? However, did you ever stop to think that you might not be using social media to advertise¬†your comic to it’s ultimate advantage? Here’s a few guidelines for you to follow.Advertise Your Comic on Social Media

      • For starters: Stop sharing everything on social media!

    Basically, you need to leave them wanting more. How should you do that though? It’s a tough concept to just put out there without describing it fully. What you want to do is imagine what an Absolute edition of your comic would look like. Absolute editions of comics include way more than just the colored and lettered pages. Fans of comics buy absolute editions because they want to see the process. However, with social media being as omnipresent and integrated into our lives — it’s easier just to do that from the very beginning.
    advertise your comic absolute edition

    You need to stop comparing yourself to the publishers at Marvel, DC, Image, BOOM!, and Valiant. You don’t have a large fan base yet that you can reliably count on to buy your comic. What you do have is a ton of potential. Publish everything that is not going into your book on social media and make sure you do it throughout the process. People are not going to buy your comic because of its branding nor will they buy it because they know your a nice person, they buy your comic because they want to fall in love with the universe you’re creating. Advertise your comic on social media by showing sketches before they’re inked and notes you make on your script. You should only be showing them what you need them to see to get them to where they can buy or view your comic.

    • Share it in dedicated communities

    Are you hashtagging your comic correctly on social media? In order to fully advertise your comic on social media, you should make use of the wide array of comic communities that exist online. There exists communities on Google+ with over 10,000 subscribers that are fully dedicated to the medium. They regularly post, consume, and discuss comics. Maybe people in the comics community don’t have a wide selection of friends in their daily lives they can talk about their passions with, so they make the most of social media and online communities. You should also be doing A/B testing when you advertise your comic online. I did an experiment on my Twitter page. Keep in mind that I started the Twitter about 8 days ago and only have less than 100 followers at the moment. The low follower count doesn’t bother me because I know that, over time, I will be organically growing an community that is interested in what I have to say. No matter how many followers you have, you can still A/B test your audience and learn what works and what doesn’t work.
    advertise your comic twitteradvertise your comic twitter followers

    Using hashtags and analytics, I’m able to see that users are more interested in relevant content that they can consume. That means I’m linking to places they can visit online and I’m using hashtags to my advantages. A huge part of social media management is making sure you’re giving your audience what they want and putting out killer content. I’ve put out other media, like images and memes, that do quite well. To put it in a way that makes sense, make sure you are using the data that social media can give to you every step of the way. You’ll be able to build your follower count organically and reach more people this way.

  2. Link Your Website with Bing Webmaster Tools

    Advertise Your Comic AdwordsGoogle is pretty much the only search engine that you’ll find yourself concerned with, but there is an audience for Bing. Usually Bing is used by older Republicans, but take free Ad words where you can. Now keep this in mind, you should absolutely not buy Ad words to advertise your comic — you’d be wasting your money. However, it’s a good idea to identify your online presence to every search engine and that includes Bing. If Bing wants to give you a $100 dollars of free promotion, you should take it!
    Hooking your comic website up to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools is a great optimization strategy as well. Those resources can give you a competitive edge when it comes to getting in front of the loads of competition you have. Comics are expensive to make, you should make sure that you can minimize the costs where you can. This is one of those opportunities, so take it.
    To reiterate — do not spend money on Ad words, you will just be wasting it!

  3. Comic Networks

    There are loads of places that you can display information about your comic online. For instance, a comic called Space Case recently came up in a subreddit I frequent and I took the time to make them a landing page. It was strictly for fun and we are in no way partnered. Extrapolate from there about what a great resource advertising your comic on free networks allows for you.

Here are some other good networks to advertise your comic:

This is also a great way to get some backlinks to your site which adds SEO value. So make sure that you take those options when you have them available. Remember you can always sign up for the Comic Construct guest blogging network and advertise your comic to dedicated properties that are also trying to grow their fanbases. You can sign up for our monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page and receive more tips not found on the site.

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