I started out helping comic creators on different subreddits. The creators and publishers that requested my help immediately recognized the value I was bringing to them, and I started getting tons of request for help.

The Origin Story

I work for marketing agency in my area as an Search Engine Optimization account manager. Businesses from different industries all across the country, from Florida to Arizona to New Jersey, have utilized my services to generate more leads, page views, and online revenue. While it is rewarding to work for lawyers, contractors, doctors, and governmental organizations — it’s not what I love. That’s┬áthe origin of Comic Construct and why I do this for creators.

A Friend to Comics

Comicbooks are expensive, I get that. If you are going to be successful running your own comic in the digital landscape, you need to be prepared. There are thousands of independent comicbooks, graphics novels, and web comics self-published everyday. Much to the chagrin of those creators, the comics don’t gain traction. In the modern age, you need to be aware of your digital reputation if you want to make any headway in this saturated market. Be prepared and get ready. Just worry about producing your comic and let me worry about making your brand visible on the internet.

Use of Development Tools

I’m aspiring to be a web developer for huge corporations like the FANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google). As a result, I’ve amassed tomes of knowledge about developing for the modern landscape and tons of tricks and tools to make websites function as good as they look. My goal has always been to work for myself, so maybe with all little hard work — I too can be a part of the comicbook industry. That’s why I decided to make websites for comic creators and that’s why I’m passionate. Take a look at the Comic Construct portfolio and see what I can do.