Social Media Integration

Social media integration is important to connecting your comic to your community. A site from Comic Construct will connect all your pertinent social media to your site. We provide integration for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, MailChimp and more. You will be able to get followers directly from your site and integrate social feeds on pages.

Social Media Integration: Connect Your Comic

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Social Media Strategies

Social Media Integration Comic Construct twitterSocial media integration is one of the most compelling reasons why small start-up see overnight success. Managing a collection of social media accounts can be burdensome if you do not have the right strategies and tools to help you succeed.

Comic Construct will deliver a social media checklist so you can be sure you have done everything you can to elevate your comic. Reach out to more communities and attract followers all over the globe. Your checklist will help you discover and create a social media strategy that will allow you to get more followers and find the tools you need to develop a community. Your comic needs a strong social presence so that you can keep making them and promote your brand.

Social media is a free tool that is often misunderstood at first. Comic Construct will put the tools you need to succeed in your hands. You need to develop a strong social authority — or, a community that interacts with your posts and shares your content. That is the secret to getting more followers and keeping those followers. Your strategy will be designed to tell you how many posts you should make a week and when they need to be made for maximum exposure.

Social Media Management


Social media integration is often misunderstood; everything that is on your website should not be shared over your social media channels. It is not all about content, posts, and articles — it’s about developing a community that cares for your property. The best way to develop that community is to find good social media management.

In my day job, I work at a marketing agency specializing is web design, search engine optimization, and social media marketing but by night I am a friend to comics. Comics are expensive, your social media management shouldn’t be. For a reasonable monthly fee, Comic Construct will manage all of your social media accounts and deliver you more followers than you’ve ever had. How can I do that? By tailoring a social media strategy to your comic and developing reachable goals. Comic Construct will also create custom content for your comic and social media accounts if you require it.