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Thorn Squadron Comic


Classic Sci-Fi Adventure with an old-school look and feel for the 21st century

THORN SQUADRON #1 has finally launched on Kickstarter–a new Sci-Fi Adventure comic book by writer Wilfred Esteves, artist Alaire Racicot, colorist Bethany Consoliver, and letterer Toben Racicot. THORN SQUADRON is a comic book series detailing the adventures of Captain Rima Cofresi and her all-female squadron as they fight against the corruption and xenophobia of the Imperium. The Kickstarter can be found at:
Thorn Squardon
On Kickstarter!

“With this new comic, I hope to recapture the same feeling that made me fall in love with the genre” – Wilfred Esteves, writer of Thorn Squadron.

During an undercover mission in the planet Amber, Captain Rima Cofresi finds intel of a weapon that could stop the Resistance on its tracks and bring the galaxy to its knees. The series will be six issues long, with full color pages drawn by Alaire Racicot and colored by Bethany Consoliver. Letters and designs will be provided by Toben Racicot.

thorn squadron comic construct

The first issue can be found now on Kickstarter at:
Thorn Squardon
On Kickstarter!

From the Kickstarter:
This issue, and the series, focuses on Thorn Squadron, an elite all-female team led by Captain Rima Cofresi.

After the death of the Emperor, the Imperium’s turned corrupt and xenophobic, expanding their reach all across the galaxy. A Resistance forms to fight back this expansion.

THORN SQUADRON follows a diverse team of humans and non-humans. Captain Rima Cofresi, a human from the capital planet of Kroywen leads Celester Quartz, Vespera Roche, Ju’vel’a’iza, Kee Wuko, and Karensinda Puig as they stop the nefarious Admiral Kiern from unleashing a terrifying weapon on the galaxy.

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