WordPress for Your Comic

WordPress is the perfect Content Management Service for your comic or comic publishing agency because it is an open-sourced project which millions of developers have helped mold to the finely tuned engine that it is today. On top of that, WordPress is perfect for start-up sites because of their low cost and ease of use.

WordPress for Your Comic: Extra Functionality

Plug-Ins and Themes

Development Community

Search Engine Optimization

One of the leading reasons to get WordPress is that, if you run in to a problem — chances are a hundred other people have too. That means that no issue is insurmountable. With a custom site from Comic Construct, you’ll be provided with a premium theme and all the plug-ins you need to be successful with your comic. The site will be fully optimized for your specific comic.

The reason you should go with WordPress over competing content management service is because WordPress alone is the only service that gives you the functionality and freedom to have a truly explosive digital presence. While SquareSpace may seem like the easier way to go, there are a lot fewer options available to you and their sites suffer from heavy code that weighs your sites down in rankings. Don’t believe that? Check out this brief article about how semantic mark-up affects your rankings.

WordPress is a true powerhouse when it comes to SEO and your comics need all the help they can get. Check out optimization strategies for web comics and you’ll understand just how difficult it is to create a well performing site for comics if you don’t know what you’re doing.


WordPress was originally designed as a blogging platform but it is so much more than that now. Blogs haven’t gone away though, and in 2017 they’re more important than ever before. The reason blogs are so powerful is because they are the best source of content marketing you can do for your brand. Furthermore, they’re free!

Once you develop your keyword strategy, you’ll be able to write blogs that elevate your comic and extend your comic to larger audiences. Blogs are also critical when it comes to social media outreach. You’ll be able to start conversations with your community about topics you care about. The best thing is, they can’t hurt your site — they can only help. Everyone is writing blogs and WordPress is the best platform for them.

Join the Comic Construct Guest Blogging Network and lift your comic out of obscurity. You will be able to reach the communities of comic creators and publishers. The members of this network do not pay for the service and you shouldn’t either. It’s hard enough making a comic – get WordPress for your comic and leave the rest to Comic Construct.